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About us

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It is important to our organization to remain accountable
to the people who create the bedrock for sustaining our
business – our customers. We therefore pay attention in
great detail to ensuring that our products are working
optimally before they are placed in the hands of our
customers with strict adherence to accommodating
matters of warranty as well as product related enquiries
and responsibilities.


Over the years, we have worked relentlessly to earn
the trust of our customers and have evolved into a time
where their trust can now be taken for granted.
It is these corporate values of Integrity, Diversity
Responsibility and Accountability that have
accelerated the process through which we have been
able to earn their trust.
More than just a barrage of words, these values are
what fuel our daily drive to higher levels of success.


At Easypay, we believe that integrity is the key to
preserving our most valuable asset – our reputation.
Easypay therefore has the core value integrity as its basic
foundation. This is the basic principle on which the
organization is hinged from the lowest to the highest
cadre in the organization.


Our strengths are leveraged by embracing a global
diversity of cultures, perspectives, skills and